Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

It is truly an exciting time to study Economics.  Old ideas and theories are giving way to new realities.  To be an Economics major today is to be on the frontier of transformative change:  socially, financially, globally, and environmentally.  Today’s 21st Century Economist recognizes the dynamic complexity of economic systems, the importance of inter-disciplinary solutions to society’s most urgent challenges, and the necessity for an ethical foundation to policy making which prioritizes the well-being of people and their living environment.  Here’s a look at what the 21st Century Economist is working on:

  • Interdependent and Inclusive Economies
  • Prosperity for All by Design
  • A Global Social Contract
  • Environmentally Sustainable Growth
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Regenerative Industrial Economy


Since solutions to today’s greatest challenges require inter-disciplinary thought, combine an Economics major with Environmental Studies, Political Science, Biology, Mathematics, Business, Sociology, or Psychology … and start changing the world!