Study Abroad

“My study abroad experience combined with the foundation of knowledge that Emory & Henry has provided has prepared me to be a global citizen.”    - Mason Boyd

When you are ready to Study Abroad, expect a life-changing experience!  Did you know Emory & Henry has been nationally recognized for its Study Abroad options?  Surely we have the right program and place for you.

Mason BoydUniversity of Exeter, U.K. Having the opportunity to study at the University of Exeter was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Not only was the cultural experience extraordinary, but being able to study Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy from another perspective was enlightening. My classes at Emory & Henry left me with a broad knowledge base that allowed me to adapt quickly to classes at Exeter. While there, I found it interesting to look at economic and political issues from the standpoint of a European country, and how much of an impact the actions that we take in the United States affect even modern developed countries across the world. This was never more evident than in one of my courses where we were tasked with negotiating a global climate resolution, and in doing so had to draw upon our knowledge of global politics and the world economy. 

Mason Boyd, ’19