Why Equine Assisted Therapy at E&H?

Faculty and student together with a horse inside the barn.

The equine assisted therapy field is one that continues to grow and add new opportunities for facilitators and clients alike.

This major provides an excellent path for students interested in receiving graduate training in various mental health fields as well as allied fields. Additionally, students will gain even more hands-on experience in the field through internships. 

Careers in the field include: Equine specialist for a therapeutic center, mental health specialist, working in a residential therapy setting, managing a therapy program and more.

Groups of clients that benefit from equine assisted therapies that students may work with in the field: family therapy, at risk youth, children in the foster care system, court assigned clients, substance abuse and addiction recovery, anger management, veterans and many more including working with groups on leadership development and team building.

The EAGALA Approach

The Equine Assisted Therapy major at Emory & Henry will be based on the EAGALA model of practice (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), which is a ground-based, client solution-centered approach to experiential therapy. Students will have hands-on experience with the EAGALA model through labs and courses while learning other models of practice as well. 

Completion of this major is intended to prepare students to become an EAGALA certified therapist. EAGALA is recognized as the standard-setting organization in this field. 

Qualifications for both mental health providers and equine specialists for EAGALA certified therapists may be found here.