• Thank you Healthcare Heroes
    Thank you Healthcare Heroes

Health Sciences is an application of Natural & Social Sciences to Health.

The Health Sciences undergraduate major incorporates factors including policy, administration, population health, epidemiology, and social factors that affect health and well-being. A degree in Health Sciences can help you understand the causes of health impairments, strategies for promoting wellness and addressing risk factors for disease, as well as the scientific and social methods for analysis of health-related data.

With a BS in Health Science, you could pursue a career in health education, community health, epidemiology, health care informatics, or pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. In addition, the Concentration in Health Sciences offers courses to complement an academic major and help you prepare for a graduate healthcare profession such as medicine, pharmacy, PA, PT, OT,  dentistry, and more.

With the Pre-Health Professional Concentration, you can gain structured opportunities for career discernment and professional preparation for students intending to pursue graduate health professions. The concentration includes coursework as well as extra-curricular professional opportunities, shadowing, and healthcare-related service experience, and is intended to complement your academic major in a Natural or Social Science, Exercise Science, or other fields.