Alumni & Careers

Emory & Henry graduates have applied their skills in many fields beyond pure mathematics and have had success in a wide array of careers. Alumni have held jobs as chief financial officers, high school math teachers, analytical chemists, aerospace engineers, and master carpenters, among other positions. 

Alumni Spotlight:

  • Jessica Richardson, ’17, Stats and Information Intern, ESPN

  • Ferris Ellis, ’16,  Programmer for Brocade.

  • Coleman Conley, ’14, MS Statistics NC State, currently Data Analyst at Fleet Feet Incorporated

  • Nick Copeland, ’13, Pursuing Phd in Economics at Rice University

  • Samantha Rosenbaum, ’12, Masters Degree at EHC, and currently a math teacher at Virginia Middle School

  • Sarah Thompson, ’11, Masters in Materials Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison, currently Research Chemist at US Naval Research Laboratory

  • Kyle Clark, ’09,  Ph.D. in materials science at University of California, Berkely, 2015.  Currently working for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories.

  • Justin Dennison, ’08, Edutainer at ITProTV teaching novices and experts alike the latest skills to earn various IT certifications .

  • Andrea Overbay, ’08,  Ph.D. Pure Mathematics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2013.  Assistant Professor at Austin College, Texas.

  • Anne Ryan, ’06, Ph.D., Biostats, Virginia Tech.  Faculty Member at Virginia Tech

  • Van L. Tran, ’05, Manager, Pediatric Stroke Warrior Support Group.

  • Brian Edward Buynn, ’03, teacher, John S. Battle High School, Bristol, Va.

  • Christina LeRay Trent, ’02, teacher and coach, Holston High School, Chilhowie, Va.

  • Amanda Kay Shifflett, ’01, Atley Pharmaceuticals, Greenville, S.C.

  • Nichole Hay, ’00, Northwest Piedmont Council of Governments; Ph.D.,  public policy, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, Va.

  • Mary Margaret Brewer, ’97, teaching assistant in astrophysics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

  • Scott Updike, ’93, M.A,, applied mathematics, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, Va.

  • Rodney Beville, ’89, educator, New River and Wytheville Community Colleges; M.A,, applied mathematics, College of William and Mary.

Graduate Programs of Past E&H Students

Our alumni have continued to pursue their education in many different fields at many different institutions. Past students have completed graduate programs in modeling and simulation, divinity, statistical data science, computer science engineering and paralegal studies, among other programs. Many students in math education continue at E&H to complete their master’s degree in education. A more complete list of alumni’s graduate programs and institutions can be found here: 

Other Potential Careers for Math Majors

While Emory & Henry alumni have not held jobs in every math related field, students are always provided with the resources necessary to achieve their career goals. Students are encouraged to utilize their math skills to conquer new frontiers, and the professors are always there to provide support. The following is a list of some of the careers that can be possible with a math degree: