Resources & Opportunities

E&H Math Student Internships

Outside of opportunities to work as tutors and supplemental instructors on campus, E&H math students have completed internships at some of the top companies and organizations in the country. Students have interned for ESPN, Rackspace, Fleet Feet, UC Berkley, and the Charlotte Hornets among others. A more complete list of past student internships can be found here: 

  • Analytics and Trackman Coordinator
  • Communications Intern
  • Intern II for Mail Storage at Rackspace
  • Stats and Analysis Intern at ESPN
  • Business Analytics Intern at Charlotte Hornets
  • Data Mining and Statistical Analysis Intern at Elder Research
  • Engineering Intern- General Dynamics ATP
  • Industrial Engineering Intern- Sam Moore Furniture Industries
  • Intern Project Manager at Kjellstrom and Lee Construction
  • Linux Engineer Intern at Rackspace
  • Materials R&D Engineer Intern- Universal Alloy Corporation
  • Music Intern- Abingdon United Methodist Church
  • Operations Intern at Fleet Feet
  • Programming Intern at KVAT Foods
  • R&D Intern at Prime Photonics
  • REU Intern at UC Berkley
  • Scouting and Analytics Intern at Collegiate Baseball Scouting Network
  • Student Intern at Qk4

Research Opportunities

Most of our majors have worked closely with faculty members applying what they learned in the classroom to the broader world.  For example:

  • Many of our graduates have completed papers applying the ideas of ‘sabermetrics’ to football, soccer and swimming.  
  • Explored the world of pure mathematics, seeking to better understand the physics of motion by understanding ordered sets.
  • Brought new perspectives to old topics, such as projective geometry.
  • Used mathematics to explore more efficient ways of storing and accessing digital data.
  • Used the geometric mathematical branch of topology to draw statistical inferences about very large medical data sets.