Why Media and Communication at E&H?

MCOM students in mac lab

Our broad-based mass communications program provides the opportunity to explore speciality areas and experiences—preparing students for a wide variety of internships and careers.

  • Why major in mass communications at E&H?
    • Broad-based curriculum: You will be well-prepared for today’s professions with a broad set of skills including reporting and editing, digital and graphic design, audio and video media production, and marketing and public relations.
    • Liberal arts foundation: You will be grounded in theory, research, ethics, and other concepts within the mass communications program and from your general education core.
    • Individual specialization: You will build a specialty area through mass communications electives and internships.
    • Required minor or second major: You will stand out to employers with an additional specialty area. Our mass communications program requires at least a minor in another academic area, but most of our students double major. Popular pairings include sports management, business, art/graphic design, sociology, psychology, civic innovation, theatre, music, and history.
  • What kinds of jobs do E&H Mass Comm majors land after college?

    The options are vast for employment including TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, public relations, advertising, marketing, social media, and film. A large number of our alumni work in strategic communication, but they also move into a range of other careers including sales and education. Additionally, some of our students may proceed directly to graduate studies, especially those who have focused their coursework on the intersection of media and culture.

  • Are internships part of the program at E&H?

    Yes! Internships are necessary to be competitive in today’s job market. Our mass communications program requires at least one 3-credit internship, but we encourage two 3-credit internships, and it is not unusual for our graduates to complete three internships before graduation. You may do an internship during the summer anywhere you choose, and there are more internships available near the college than we have students to place in them—which is convenient for doing internships during the fall and spring semesters. (All internships for academic credit must meet certain criteria with the department and the Career Center.)

  • What kind of campus media opportunities are available at E&H?

    Campus media experience is an important part of a student’s resumé. Options include WEHC–FM, 90.7, our community radio station; EHC–TV, our departmental television studio; and The Whitetopper student newspaper.

  • What else should I know about the E&H mass communications program?
    • Our alumni network loves to give back, and that includes offering informational interviews, shadowships, internships, networking, and jobs.
    • Our program is collegial and collaborative—you’ll work closely with your faculty and the other students in the program.
    • Our students get jobs. If you apply yourself in class and take advantage of experiential work opportunities, you will be ready to land a fulfilling communications job after graduation.

World of Work

  • <h4 class="lw_blurbs_title"></h4><div class="lw_blurbs_body"><ul><li>multiple internships for professional experience </li><li>three-course Career Readiness series </li><li>on-campus media opportunities for real-world application </li><li>media production skills complement theoretical concepts </li><li>online portfolios showcase work </li><li>opportunities for specialized professional areas </li></ul></div>

Handcraft this Major

  • <h4 class="lw_blurbs_title"></h4><div class="lw_blurbs_body"><ul><li>focus projects, internships, and campus media experiences around a speciality area: <ul><li>sports communication </li><li>strategic communication/public relations </li><li>journalism </li><li>videography and broadcasting </li><li>graphic design/visual communication </li><li>media studies </li><li>marketing </li><li>customize class projects to your interests </li></ul></li><li>specialize through your minor or double major </li><li>complete internships tailored for you </li></ul></div>