Capstone Experience and Project

The doctoral capstone is a student-driven experience and project related to their interests and strengths. Capstone experience and project occur during the Summer of year 3, after all didactic and fieldwork experiences are complete, and emphasizes the application and dissemination of knowledge gained throughout the doctoral studies into a culminating experiential project.

Students engage in prerequisite doctoral preparation classes during their second year of study to explore, create and plan their individualized capstone experience in one or more of the following focus categories:

  • clinical practice skills
  • research skills
  • administration
  • leadership
  • program and policy development
  • advocacy
  • theory development

Students are mentored throughout their capstone experience by a faculty member and/or a community member with expertise in the chosen area of interest. Capstone experiences can occur in a variety of clinical, educational and community settings within the US and abroad.

Students will complete capstone experience and project in the last semester of the program, however, the capstone experience and project must be completed within 24 months after completion of the didactic portion of the curriculum in order for student to complete program.