Classrooms & Skills Labs

W.L. Lemmon Lecture Hall

Falls Center Opening The W.L. Lemmon Lecture Hall is located in Room A105 in the main lobby of the Health Sciences Building. This instructional space is named in memory of Mr. Willard Lincoln “Bill” Lemmon.


Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Skills Laboratory

Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Lab The ADL lab consists of a teaching area as well as a simulated apartment area. The apartment includes a tub/shower, commode, bed, sitting area, washer/dryer, and kitchen. This lab is used by the DPT and OTD programs to enable students to practice the skills necessary for transitioning patients back into their homes and for providing home care.

Pediatrics Laboratory

OT Peds Lab The pediatric lab is used for interprofessional education (OT & PT) and is well equipped with developmental and sensorimotor assessments and interventions designed to meet a variety of pediatric needs. Neuromuscular/First-Year Skills Laboratory


Neuromuscular and Patient Care Skills Laboratory 

Neuro Lab The Neuromuscular and Patient Care Skills laboratory is an interprofessional clinical education space offering students hands-on experience with mobility, equipment, and technology.  Hi-Low mats, wheelchairs and a variety of assistive devices paired with clinically centered active learning activities prepare students for clinical practice.  


Physician Assistant Skills Laboratory

PA Skills Lab The PA Lab is used to teach students how to conduct physical examinations and patient assessments. The lab includes twenty exam bays, each equipped with an examination table, diagnostic headwall, cabinet, and stool - each bay is set up to simulate an outpatient examination room.
The PA lab also includes an instructor’s examination bay equipped with ceiling and wall-mounted cameras such that students can watch the instructor performing an exam on the room monitors rather than crowd around the table. Additionally, the PA lab houses many of our advanced skills task trainers including ophthalmoscopic and otoscopic trainers, auscultation trainers, airway trainers, breast and pelvic exam trainers, IV and IO access trainers, and injection trainers.

Gross Anatomy Laboratory

Our new Gross Anatomy Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed for cadaver dissection. Our new Gross Anatomy Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility designed for cadaver dissection. The lab includes twenty student dissecting stations, each with its own computer and big-screen monitor overlooking the table. We use the VH-Dissector software, which provides CAT-scans of the human body in images that are interactive so that dissection can be performed virtually before it is done on the cadaver. This lab is used by the DPT, OTD and PA programs.