Falls Prevention Center

A community partnership approach to fall risk management across the lifespan


To develop an interprofessional Falls Prevention Center based on collaborative community engagement focusing on prevention and management of fall risk factors by promoting life skills, independence, confidence, safety, and individual well-being. 


Our mission is to develop sustainable programs to assess and address fall risk factors and to promote protection from injury.  The Falls Prevention Center will strive to create solutions to the issue of mobility across the life span through screening, education, living modifications, community engagement, outreach, and research. 


Central to the Falls Prevention Center is community engagement, partnership, and advocacy. Health, wellness, education, and safety promotion are cornerstones of the center’s services to improve the quality of life for our community across the life span.  As the center’s collaborative model is unique to rural Southwest Virginia, development of a sustainable care model will be an evolving process and all care partners will be providing services primarily through donated time and resources.  Planning, growth and future center operation will necessitate the integration of grant/research activities, fundraising, educational and community support and the on-going dedication of health care providers. All services will be provided to the community at no charge.

Emory & Henry’s School of Health Sciences houses the Falls Prevention Center, promoting the educational experience of students through community-engaged learning under the guidance of licensed health care practitioners.