Winter Term

Earn credits through the end of November and December. See our selection of courses below.

What is Winter Term?

Our Winter 2023 session is an additional term between fall and spring semesters that begins on Thursday, November 30, and ends on Wednesday, December 20. Most courses are offered asynchronously or synchronously online. See the academic calendar for details regarding timelines for academic terms.

Whether you are currently enrolled and looking to get ahead on credits, seeking additional coursework, or looking for professional development—take advantage of winter term classes at Emory & Henry.

Winter term allows you to get caught up on course load, start a minor, or fast-track completion toward your degree. Winter term credits help you get ahead on your degree or allow you to take a course just for fun.

How Do I Add Courses?

Current students may add courses in, and contact your academic advisor or the Registrar’s Office for additional assistance.

New students should contact the Office of Admissions at or 276-944-6133 for assistance.

What Classes are Being Offered?

The course schedule is subject to change. Courses are listed below for your convenience.

Course Number Instructor Title Schedule
BIOL 105-OL-1 Patty Graham-Thiers Intro to College Biology Online
CORE-103-OL-1 D.C. Cobbler Lifetime Wellness Online
CORE-200-OL-1 A. Celeste Gaia Society: Child Development Online
CORE-200-OL-2 Rebecca Buchanan Society: Women, Sport and Culture Online
CORE-200-OL-3 Thomas Little Frederick Douglass & Social Justice Online
CORE-300-OL-1 Kimberly Baranowsky World: Health Psychology Online
CORE-300-OL-2 Patty Graham-Thiers World: Animal Ethics Online
CORE-300-OL-3 Rebecca Buchanan World: Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands Online
CORE-300-OL-4 Thomas Little World: The Atlantic World Online
CVIN-350-OL-1 Voyce Durling-Jones Special Topics: AI Online
EXSC-350-OL-1 Beth Funkhouser Special Topics GRE Prep Online
GNST-130-OL-1 Lauren Harding Strategies for Collegiate Success Online
HHP-117-OL-1 Beverly Sheddan Fitness Walking II Online
HHP-201-OL-1 Rebecca Buchanan Women, Sport, and Culture Online
HHP-336-OL-1 Beverly Sheddan Leadership in Sports & Society Online
HHP-350-01 Benjamin Thompson Seasonal Team Management To be determined
MATH-121-OL-1 Wendy Traynor College Algebra Online
PSYC-102-OL A. Celeste Gaia Intro to Psy As a Social Science Online
PSYC-220-OL-1 A. Celeste Gaia Child Development Online
PSYC-318-OL-1 Kimberly Baranowsky Health Psychology Online
RELG-101-OL-1 Eric Trinka Introduction Religious Studies Online
RELG-111-OL-1 Samuel Davis World Religions Online
RELG-130-OL-1 David Jackson Introduction to the Bible Online
RELG-200-OL-1 Eric Trinka Introduction to the Christian Faith Online
STAT-161-OL-1 Wendy Traynor Introduction to Statistics Online
STAT-161-OL-2 Crystal Hall Introduction to Statistics Online
THRE-109-OL-1 Annalee Tull Intro. to Dance Artistry Online