Degrees & Requirements

Emory & Henry offers a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Minor Requirements:

WGST 200 and five additional courses chosen from the Women’s Studies offerings listed below. Students may take no more than two courses in the same discipline.

WGST 200-Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies. Taken by all minors.
Introduction to the history, methods, and current issues of Women’s Studies. Exploration of material from a variety of disciplines, including literature, political science, psychology, biology, philosophy, sociology, history, and religion. Students may take the course for credit in only one additional department. This course satisfies the Modes of Inquiry requirement for Understanding the Individual and Society. Three semester hours.

Five Additional Courses (see list below). Students may take no more than two courses in the same discipline.

WGST 250X—Women and Media (Mass Communications 250)

WGST 337X—Women and Politics (WC) (Political Science 337)

WGST 350—Special Topics in Women’s Studies
Discussion and study of selected topics in Women’s Studies with emphasis on student interests. Prerequisite: 200. Three semester hours.

WGST 356X—Women and Christianity (Religion 356)

WGST 460-Independent Study
Advanced research in an area of the student’s particular interest(s) in Women’s Studies, under the supervision of a faculty member. Prerequisites: 200, senior status, and permission of the program advisor. Three semester hours.

WGST 470 AND 471 Internship I and II
Work experience jointly supervised by the program advisor and a professional in the field. Although the usual internship will carry either three or six hours credit, a student may elect to arrange an internship carrying between two and six hours credit with the permission of the department. Each hour of credit will require forty hours at the internship site. Prerequisites: 200, junior or senior status, permission of program advisor. Two to six semester hours.  Pass-Fail only.

WGST Courses from other departments

  • BIOL 300 Genetics
  • ECON 330 Labor Economics
  • GEOG 111 Human Geography
  • HHP 221  Women, Sport and Culture
  • POLS 245 Comparative Politics of Asia
  • SOCI 250 Food and Justice  
  • SOCI 251 Body in Society
  • THRE 322 American Theatre

  • This information is effective using the most recent Academic Catalog for more detailed course descriptions you can view the Academic Catalog here.