Concurrent Admission

Emory & Henry has Concurrent Admission Agreements with several community colleges to provide a transfer pathway for students to earn four-year degrees.
Application for Concurrent Admission

We have special pathways, or concurrent admission agreements, tailored with the following community colleges to assure a seamless transition, minimizing your time to degree with benefits and perks from the time you start you education at community college.

New River Community CollegeNew River Community College


Southwest Virginia Community College Southwest Community College


Virginia Highlands Community College Virginia Highlands Community College



Through these agreements students earn benefits right away from Emory & Henry while attending community college including :

  • Application fee is waived.
  • No separate application process is required upon graduation.
  • Academic advising in preparation for transitioning to Emory & Henry.
  • Financial aid advising in preparation for transitioning to Emory & Henry.
  • Students are issued an E&H identification card at time of acceptance, allowing access to library services, campus activities, athletic events, etc. on the same basis as enrolled students at Emory & Henry.
  • Students may take one class at 300 level or higher (3-4 credits) free of tuition during the second year, prior to full time enrollment at Emory & Henry.
  • Students are eligible for financial aid awards upon enrollment at Emory & Henry.

Our goal is to provide the most affordable options and pathways toward higher education in our region.”
—Emory & Henry President John W. Wells