Virginia Highlands Community College

Virginia Highlands Community College

Emory & Henry and Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC) enjoy a strong educational partnership. Each semester we enroll some of the best and brightest transfer students from VHCC.

Guaranteed Admissions Agreements

VHCC students in the sciences, humanities, and education divisions have a smooth path to degrees at Emory & Henry including Guaranteed Admission Agreements and direct pathways.

These direct pathways cover a wide range of areas including, biology, pre-med, business administration, accounting and management, chemistry, education, psychology, sociology, history, political science, mathematics, pre-health, exercise science, and pre-veterinary medicine. 

Concurrent Admission

The Concurrent Admission Agreement will support students to take one class at the 300 level or higher (3-4 credits) free of tuition during the second year at Virginia Highlands Community College, prior to full-time enrollment at Emory & Henry.

Virginia Highlands Community College students will start to have access to programs at Emory & Henry as well, such as use of the library, cafeteria, sports and theatre events when they are currently enrolled.

Also Virginia Highlands Community College graduates can seamlessly transfer to Emory & Henry without extra applications or fees. Students will be eligible to receive financial aid awards upon enrollment at Emory & Henry, among other benefits.

On-Site or Virtual Admission Days

Apply online and submit a copy of your transcript. Talk with an E&H admissions counselor about the transfer and application process, including Scholarship, Grant, and Aid opportunities available specifically to Transfer Students. Contact us to request a virtual meeting today.