Auxiliary Services


Emory & Henry Auxiliary Services

The University provides supplementary services that benefit the student population. Students use these services—Campus Mail and Emory Cab—to interact with the outside world and to explore what the local community has to offer.

Campus Mail and Packages

Students are able to send mail and receive letters and packages on campus. All residential students are assigned an on-campus mailbox with an annually assigned mailbox number. Student mailboxes can be found at the Martin-Brock Student Center and the McPherson Center.

The Campus Mail Service Center where letters are processed is located in the basement of Wiley Hall. Bill Pearce, Manager of Auxiliary Services, oversees the operations of the Service Center. The Service Center also employs part-time student workers.

Emory Cab

Emory Cab is a service providing transportation to and from off-campus locations for students. Students living on the Emory, Va. campus can use the Emory Cab without cost to go to classes at the Intermont Equestrian Center and the Health Sciences Campus in Marion, Va. At a cost of $0.60 per mile, students can use the Emory Cab to go to the Tri-Cities Airport, Greyhound bus stations, doctor appointments, individual observation or service hours, employment and work-study locations, and nearby restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues.

Emory Cab Request Form