Housing & Dining

Students show off their keys in front of the residence halls.


Living on campus is a unique experience and an integral part of college life. Approximately 80 percent of Emory & Henry students live on campus in 19 residence halls that range from large hall communities to small houses and townhouse apartments. The historic campus maintains the scenic beauty of our region and gives convenient access to its activities and culture. 

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Dining is a shared enjoyable experience on the E&H campus with many options to choose from, and our range of meal plan options allows you to choose the dining program that best meets your needs. This includes options like your everyday comfort favorites, simple servings that are free of allergens, vegetarian and vegan options. You can learn more by visiting our Dining Services pages.

Local, Sustainable, & Inclusive

We purchase locally whenever possible for the freshest ingredients in our recipes. Our Dining Services purchases produce from the Emory & Henry Garden. We source 100% sustainable seafood, eggs from cage-free chickens, ethically and responsibly sourced coffee, and fresh milk from local dairy farms.

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is proud to partner with Sodexo and Spiritual Life to make sure all students’ dietary and religious needs are met. If you are looking to create a diet or dining plan that fits your religious, spiritual or dietary needs, please reach out directly to Sam Walker at swalker@emoryhenry.edu or Dave Brinegar at dbrinegar@emoryhenry.edu for help in curating a dining plan to meet your needs.

If you are fasting for Ramadan or any other spiritual or religious reason, please reach out directly to Sam Walker or Dave Brinegar to create a plan for meeting your dining needs.

Hungry to know more?

For the specifics on meals plans, menus, nutrition, and special dietary needs, visit the Emory & Henry MyDiningExperience website.