Logos & Graphic Standards

“A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.” - Paul Rand, American graphic designer

The importance of visual identity to the Emory & Henry’s branding 

The elements of graphic identity adopted for use by Emory & Henry represent an effort to create a unified look for our communications and marketing materials. By following graphic standards, Emory & Henry presents a more professional and consistent image, resulting in a stronger brand. Every communication, print or electronic, sent out by E&H departments or offices reflects on the quality of this institution. You have the ability to help promote the quality of Emory & Henry!

The Emory & Henry Graphic Standards Manual outlines the proper uses for Emory & Henry’s institutional and athletic logos, which were adopted on Founders Day, March 21, 2013, (Rev. 9/17) and is your guide to help us consistently represent Emory & Henry. While it is impossible to identify every situation that requires use of the graphic identity, this manual provides clear rules for typical use.

View the Emory & Henry Graphic Standards Manual

Images referenced in this manual are not full-sized logos intended for use or reproduction. For electronic versions of all Emory & Henry logos in the various accepted versions (available as jpeg, tiff or vector files), or with any questions regarding logo use and Emory & Henry branding, connect with Jennifer Pearce by email at jpearce@emoryhenry.edu or call 276.944.6968.

Which do I use? Primary or secondary?

  • The primary logo is the default logo and should appear on all external communications and items unless there is a valid reason to use the secondary, wordmark or lettermark and it is approved by the Executive Director of Institutional Communications. 
  • The primary and secondary logos are interchangable for internal communications.

Basic do’s and don’t’s

  • The logo and wordmarks are customized for Emory & Henry.
  • No substitute may be used.
  • Do not attempt to recreate the logo.
  • The logo may not be altered in any way and should always be used in the proportion and configuration shown in the graphic standards manual.
  • The development and use of any other logo for Emory & Henry is prohibited.
  • There should be no more logos developed to represent Emory & Henry.