Emergency Info

The resources below offer assistance and additional information about emergency and non-emergency services.

In an emergency dial 911.

On Campus


Campus Police & Safety

Office: (276) 944-6222 Cell: (276) 356-7783

Campus Conduct Hot Line 

1-866-943-5787 (Anonymous available)

Health Center (276) 944-6219 or (276) 944-6538
Counseling Services (276) 944-6144 (Emory and Marion Campus)

Off Campus


Non Emergency Sheriff’s Office

(276) 676-6339
Wellmont Urgent Care, Abingdon (276) 619-0075
Smyth County Hospital

(276) 378-1100

Johnston Memorial Hospital

(276) 258-1000

Marion Police

(276) 783-8145

For more information regarding other emergency guidelines please explore the descriptions below: 

  • In case of a dangerous person on campus...
    • Remain calm, do not engage the intruder.
    • A quick and quiet escape is suggested, if it can be done
    • If attempting to escape, keep your hands elevated with
      open palms visible, especially if encountering law enforcement officers. Follow all instructions given.
    • If you cannot safely exit the building, seek secure shelter.
    • Close and lock windows, lower blinds, remain out of
      sight, and turn off the lights.
    • Once secured, take cover behind concrete walls, thick
      desks, and filing cabinets that are away from windows and doors.
    • Remain quiet and turn off cell phone ringers.
  • In case of a fire...
    • Activate the nearest fire alarm and CALL 911.
    • Everyone must leave immediately when a fire alarm is
      activated, even if there are no obvious signs of an emergency.
    • Do not use the elevator.
    • Remain calm and assist others in safely getting out.
      Confine the fire by closing all doors and windows if
    • Follow directions given by emergency personnel and go
      to the location designated by your building coordinator.
  • In case of a medical emergency...
    • If the person is seriously injured or non-responsive, CALL 911.
    • Give key information to the 911 operator (location/address, type of injury/illness etc.) and stay on the line until help arrives.
    • Ask others to assist (directing emergency personnel to your location, crowd control).
    • Remain calm.
    • If the person is not seriously injured, contact the College Health Center at 276-944-6538 or Campus Security at 276-944-6222 for assistance.
    • Always report injuries on campus to the Office of the Vice President for Business & Finance


    Please note that Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s) are available on campus in the following locations:
    o Campus Safety Office
    o Equestrian Center
    o Kelly Library
    o King Center Athletic Training Room
    o McGlothlin-Street Hall 139
    o Wiley Hall 121
    o Van Dyke Student Center 

  • In case of a tornado...
    • Listen for the siren. A single siren blast will sound to alert you to check for emergency message via email and the Campus Alert System.
    • Seek shelter inside a building until notified by College officials that it is safe to leave.
    • An “all-clear” alert will be sent when the danger has passed.