Theta Chi and Delta Pi greek students chant.

Go Greek

Students interested in exploring Greek Life on Emory & Henry’s campus are encouraged to take part in the recruitment process.

This process is an opportunity for non-Greek students to learn about the fraternities and sororities on campus, to ask questions about Greek Life, find out what each chapter has to offer, and determine which organization provides the best fit for you. There are different requirements for first-year students versus upperclassmen at E&H.

When deciding to Go Greek, it is important to understand the potential benefits a student can receive through their lifetime membership commitment. 

  • Academics

    The academic portion of your college career is one significant determinant in your future success. Several factors contribute to this academic atmosphere, including peer tutoring, upperclassman mentorship, and chapter study hours which introduce new students to the longer and more intense studying that college requires.

    Within each organization, there are members involved in a wide variety of colleges and departments. This is quite an advantage in two ways: first, you will be able to seek help from others who may be taking or have already taken the same classes; second, there will be upperclassmen who can advise you on which classes and instructors are best within each field of study. 

  • Accountability

    Each chapter is founded on a set of ideals and values, which serve as a set of standards and expectations for its members. Our members are expected to excel academically, socially, and professionally. It’s important when considering joining that you know and expect to be held to a higher standard than your peers that might not be in a Greek organization.

  • Alumni Networking

    Greek membership is for a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits that comes with being a member of the Greek community are the relationships you make with alumni, which provide many opportunities for career networking and mentoring. Because their Greek experience was so meaningful, many alumni “give back” to their organization.

  • Brotherhood, Sisterhood, & Siblinghood

    Throughout your college experience at Emory & Henry College, the friendships that our members make within their chapters are the ones that last a lifetime. Whether you came to college not knowing a single person or knowing several people, the opportunity to be a part of a brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood transcends your E&H college experience. 

    Brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood are the bonds of unity and friendship that lasts a lifetime. These bonds are not only among members for each individual chapter, but among chapters around the nation, due to the history and the ideals that each chapter was founded upon. 

    By becoming a member of the Greek community, you will meet people who will grow to become our closest friends; those who will cheer you on when you’re successful and who will support you when the going gets tough. Lifelong friendships and associations are made through active participation in a Greek organization. 

    These relationships are deeper than going to parties and more meaningful than wearing the same letters. They are about growth and development of individuals as they begin their lives at Emory & Henry College. Each new member brings their unique talents to their organization and is valued and respected for the way they are.

  • Leadership

    The Greek community is dedicated to building societal leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for Greek members. From social issues to academics, the leaders of today are gaining their leadership skills from their fraternity & sorority experience. 

    Membership in a fraternal organization is one of the most outstanding means of discovering and refining your leadership potential. Within each chapter, members have the chance to assume a wide spectrum of leadership roles. Opportunities to learn and practice leadership stretch beyond chapters. 

    There are many system-wide leadership roles open on the Greek Council. Beyond the Greek community, students are involved in many other organizations on campus. Some of these include Student Government, athletic teams, Residence Life, and many student clubs.

  • Philanthropy & Community Service

    Philanthropy projects are events in which the Greek communities as a whole, or as individual chapters, donate their time and efforts to raise funds to benefit a cause. 

    Greek members are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of service per semester at Emory & Henry College. However, these requirements are not a burden due to the satisfaction one gets when they have completed them. Philanthropy projects and community service are more than just helping out a cause. The community gains insight on who the Greeks are and how impactful they can be when they are involved. 

  • Social Activities

    Offering a break from the demands of the classroom is one of the benefits of the Greek community. Throughout the year an organization will participate in many social events such as Homecoming, pre-game tailgates, mixers, and Greek Week. These events offer you a good time and a great opportunity to meet and interact with the members from other chapters.