McGlothlin Center for the Arts

Switch into the McGlothlin Center for the Arts group before you start editing.

MCA Pages

All the MCA pages should use the MCA Inside Page Template (besides the MCA homepage, which uses the MCA Homepage template).

The bottom of MCA pages displays a starred story from the MCA group, in random order. 

MCA Homepage Image Slider

The MCA homepage slider displays starred images from the MCA Homepage Images collection. 

To add or Remove Images

  • Go to Images > Collections and select MCA Homepage Images.
  • Add a new image, and fill out the fields for image caption and an optional image link (this might link to another page on the website, like the event URL itself or the Tix link).
  • Star the image once it is ready to display in the homepage slider. You can star multiple images to display a slider, or just star one image to display a single image.

MCA Homepage Upcoming Performances

The next two upcoming performances are displayed in the right sidebar of the MCA homepage. These are events with the event type “Performance” checked.

Screenshot of the event type with “Performances” checked.

You can include an optional link to Buy Tickets by adding a Ticket URL to the event.

This should be a web address where tickets can be purchased through the Tix platform.

Adding a ticket url to events

View general information about adding events in LiveWhale here.

MCA Header and Footer Buttons

To edit the four buttons on the right side of the page header:

Editing MCA header buttons

Go to Pages > Navigation and view navigation: MCA Header Buttons to rename or replace the button links.

Editing the MCA header buttons navigation

To edit the four buttons on the right side of the page footer:

MCA footer buttons

Go to Pages > Navigation and view navigation: MCA Footer Buttons to rename or replace the button link. The buttons will only show the first four links in the navigation.