School of Health Sciences

Switch into the School of Health Sciences group before you start editing.

SHS Pages

The SHS core pages can use the SHS Inside Page Template or the SHS Poster Page Template. Poster pages have the option to display an image at the top of the page, behind the page title. 

SHS Departments

All SHS department pages must use the SHS Department Page Template. If you create a new group in LiveWhale for an SHS department, make sure to set the SHS Department Page Template as the default page template for that group. 

The department homepage displays an image tagged with “homepage header” from the department group. If you tag multiple images with homepage header they will appear in a slideshow on the department homepage, for example:

SHS department homepage image slideshow

SHS Homepage Image

To change the image on the SHS Homepage, first go to the Dashboard. Go to Images > Collections and select the SHS Homepage Images collection. 

Add a new image, and fill out the image name and image caption (you can include links in the caption). The name and caption are displayed on top of the image, on the homepage.

Star the image once it is ready to display on the homepage. 

Starred images in the SHS Homepage Images collection will be shown at random on the homepage. If you want to show a few different images at random, star a few images. If you only want to show one image, remove the stars from all but one of the images.

SHS Homepage Program Listing

The list of undergraduate and graduate programs on the SHS homepage is editable by selecting Edit Page in the LiveWhale toolbar.

SHS Homepage News and Events

Two SHS events are displayed on the SHS homepage. These events come from any group and must be tagged with “school of health sciences.”

Below the events, a random starred story from the SHS group is displayed. The story must have an image.

SHS Header and Footer Buttons

To edit the four buttons on the right side of the page header:

SHS header buttons

Go to Pages > Navigation and view navigation: SHS Header Buttons to rename or replace the button links.

SHS header buttons navigation