Contact Info in the Sidebar

You can easily display content on all pages of your site without needing to add it to every page, by using the Sidebar Content blurb. 

Some content, such as contact information or the office location, is useful to display on all pages of your site. Add this content to the Sidebar Content blurb as follows:

In the LiveWhale Dashboard, go to Blurbs and select Sidebar Content.

Sidebar Content blurb

Add a new Sidebar Content blurb (each group only needs one) then enter content into each field as appropriate. The fields are all optional. 

Help! I clicked Edit Page but I can’t edit text in the sidebar.

If you notice content in the page sidebar that isn’t editable and you’re wondering how to edit it, it’s probably part of the Sidebar Content blurb. Go to Blurbs from the Dashboard, and click the Sidebar Content blurb to edit it.

Help! I filled out the Sidebar Content blurb but it’s not showing on my page.

In that case, click Edit Page and check the sidebar to see if the Sidebar Content Blurb Widget is there. If it’s not there you can add it to the page by clicking the red plus button and selecting Widget. Search for the Sidebar Content Blurb Widget and click to add it to the page:

Add a widget to the page