Archives Policy

E&H Archive and Power Special Collections

About the Archive and Power Special Collections:

The Helen Power Special Collections contain rare, old, autographed books and works authored by College faculty members.

The Emory & Henry Archive contains college catalogs, yearbooks, issues of The Whitetopper, and other materials related to the history of the institution and the surrounding area of southwest Virginia.

The Appalachian Oral History Project is currently housed in the Appalachian Center for Civic Life. For more information about this collection, direct inquiries to the Center.

The Holston Conference Archives are housed at Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens, Tennessee. Contact Robin Turner for information about the HCA.


Archives and Special Collections spaces are accessible by Library Staff only. Researchers wishing to utilize items from these collections should submit a request to arrange access or copies of materials with a librarian.

When working with archive materials, ink pens, highlighters, etc. are not permitted. The use of pencils and technology such as a laptop, tablet, or cell phone is permitted.

Food and drink are not permitted when using archival materials.

Materials in these collections do not circulate.

Parts of the collection may be photocopied for the researcher’s personal use. The Library Staff will make photocopies of the selected items for the patron. The Library reserves the right to refuse to make copies due to the physical condition of the materials. Cell phones or mobile devices may also be used to photograph items.

Patrons are responsible for obtaining permission for quoting, or making public use of any item in a collection for which the Library does not hold the copyright.

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