Display Policy


The purpose of displays in Kelly Library is to educate, inform and promote the sharing of information with the students, faculty and staff of Emory & Henry College. Display space may be requested by current E&H faculty, staff and college sanctioned student clubs and organizations.


  • Promote the use and circulation of library materials.
  • Promote the awareness of Emory & Henry College events, services, clubs/organizations, and courses/curriculum.
  • Promote the Mission and Vision of Emory & Henry College.


  • Displays/exhibits are to be consistent with the Library’s commitment to freedom of information and cultural diversity. They are not to be used to promote personal, commercial, or organization positions.
  • Displays should highlight library collections or services, either directly or indirectly, and thus promote scholarly and educational use of the library.
  • Exhibits will normally be approved for a display period of not less than three weeks and not more than eight weeks.
  • Any exhibit costs will be assumed by the sponsoring organization. Security and/or insurance for displays are the responsibility of the sponsoring body.
  • The Library cannot be responsible for personally valuable items placed in the display cases. Inclusion of such items in displays is strongly discouraged.
  • Exhibits created by individuals or groups outside the library should include a sign or other label indicating the name of the individual or organization responsible for the exhibit.
  • Displays must be of high quality design and execution.
  • Applications for displays should be submitted in writing at the beginning of each academic year. The Library will attempt to accommodate requests made after that time, but is not obligated to alter the display schedule. The preferred method to request a display case is an email response to the display request sent to all faculty and staff at the beginning of each academic year. Questions should be directed to the Director of the Library.
  • The Library will review and approve each display. The Library reserves the right to alter or remove any display.
  • The sponsoring individual or organization must provide any materials needed to mount the display and ensure that it is disassembled in a timely manner.

Contact the Director of the Library to request a library display.