Links to recorded events

Here is a convenient list of links to some of our favorite online events!

- March 2024: The History of Duck Stamps: David Gorsline, Friends of Duck Stamp Board

- October 2023: Metabolism, Cancer, and Using Science Daily: Dr. Stephanie Edwards Compton, E&H Class of 2016 (Second Annual Homecoming Alumni Lecture)

- July 2023: The Overmountain Victory: Leigh Anne Hunter

- July 2023: An update from the Watershed Project – “A Remembrance”: Dr. Tal Stanley, E&H Class of 1982

- Apr. 2023: The Nature Conservancy on The Cumberland Forest: Brad Kreps

- Mar. 2023: Neo-Appalachian Art: Brian Serway, E&H Class of 2013

- Feb. 2023: Cheers, Virginia! The History of Brewing, Distilling, and Fermentation in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Paige Newman, E&H Class of 1991

- Feb. 2023: Dolly Parton: Queen of Appalachia: Brent Treash, E&H Class of 2003, E&H Faculty

- Oct. 2022: Why Collards Are the Most Southern of All Foods: Dr. Ed Davis, E&H Faculty

- Sept. 2022: Understanding Blockchain: John Fields, E&H Class of 2001 (Homecoming Alumni Lecture)

More Than A Vacation Events, 2022:
The Science of Gambling with David Williams E&H ’88
The Healing Power of Music with Laken Brooks E&H ’17
The Incredible Wasp with Dr. Chris Alice Kratzer
The Watershed Project with Dr. Tal Stanley E&H ’83
Partners for Pollination with Corey Kanuckle, USFW Partners


- March 2022: Conservation Burial: David Ponoroff (Larkspur Conservation) and Cassie Barrett (Carolina Memorial Sanctuary)

- March 2022: Virginia Lewis and Clark Legacy Trail: Peggy Crosson & James Johonston (’68)

- March 2022, Eastern Bluebirds; Adrianna Nelson

- February 2022, Equestrian Sports: Lisa Moosmueller-Terry.

- January 2022, John Broddy’s Legacy: Scrapper Broady, ’70

- December 2021, A Tale of Two Appalachias: Adrianna Nelson

June-July 2021, More Than A Vacation:

- Art in a Time of Pandemic: Dr. Tammy Parks, ’95

- Caves of Kentucky: Dave Foster, ’81

- New Life for Dixie Pottery: Clint Waddell

- Motown: Dr. David St. Clair, ’73

- Dancing in the Emory Streets

- Tiny Porch Concert, featuring Ivy Sheppard, Dr. Jamie Ferguson, Jack Hinshelwood

- Sears Houses: Nancy Weikel

- Cooking with the New Baguette: Alex Shytsman

- Grilling with Mike D’s BBQ: Mike De Los Santos ’06

May 5: Native Plants and Biodiverstity, Dr.  Doug Tallamy

April 28: iNaturalist: Tony Iwane

April 13: Waterfowl of Saltville: Katie Cordle

March 2021: The Natural History of Saltville: Jeremy Stout

February 2021: Poetry and Nature: Susan O’Dell Underwood

December 2020: Planetary Conjunction: Dr. James Warden

December 2020: History of Death in the Movies: Tommy Britt (E&H ’02)

December 2020: Dr. Lana Whited (E&H ’80) on her book “Murder, In Fact.”

November 2020: Ron Peterson on his book “Chasing the Squirrel.”

October 2020: Virtual Trip to France with Matt Whitenack (E&H ’96)

October 2020: Virtual Concert Choir Performance of the Lutkin Benediction

September 2020: Barbara Bisantz-Raymond on Georgia Tann

July 2020: The History of Mt. Dew: Reece Museum ETSU

July 2020: Historic Markers in Virginia: VDOT

July 2020: Christina Adams (E&H ’83) on her book “Camel Crazy” and her special guest from Oasis Camel Dairy.

July 2020: A visit with Treva Randall of Bohicket Apothecary. (

July 2020: History of The Dip Dog Stand

June 2020: Emily Wallace (E&H ’04) on her book “Road Sides.”