Sociology seniors celebrate and receive awards

On April 11, 2022 senior sociology majors gathered at the DEI House to have sundaes, receive awards, and talk about their time at E&H.

This annual event occurs within the structure of the sociology capstone course. Students shared their favorite memories in sociology courses over the years and discuss how sociology has impacted their lives. 

This year’s award recipients were:

Faith Hamblin - The Judith Butler award - This award is given to a student who has shown an aptitude for understanding complex sociological theories.

Jazmyn Jackson - The Advancement in the Discipline award - This award is given to a student who has seen remarkable growth throughout their major. This award recognizes a student who has planted their seeds, and developed their academic performance, and has set the sky as the limit for their growth and learning.

Callie McMurray - The Luminary award - This award is given to a student who has exemplified leadership in the classroom throughout their time in the major. This is to recognize the labor of leading by example in classrooms and on projects.

Laurel Roberts - The Community Care award - This award is given to a student who has exemplified the practice of sociology in service to the community. This student has participated in community service throughout their time as a major and has built strong networks for supporting community needs.

Ty Smith - The Scholar award - This award is given to a student who has completed an original research project. This award recognizes the skills, course planning, and time management required to complete original research as an undergraduate student.

Congratulations to ALL of the graduating sociology majors!

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