School of Nursing: The Forces Behind the Programs

Teressa Wexler
Clinical Assistant Professor

Posted September 01, 2021

Dr. Teressa Wexler has been practicing nursing for more than 37 years and is proud to be a first generation student beginning as an LPN and advancing to RN. She earned her MSN-ED in 2006 and went on to earn her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Education Technology for a EdD/ET in 2019 and most recently her DNP in July of 2021. Her clinical expertise includes a variety of areas from medical-surgical, emergency-trauma, ICU, EMS, geriatrics, simulation, and obstetrics. She has been teaching in higher education for more than 25 years in both undergraduate and graduate programs. Wexler serves as clinical coordinator of nursing and director of the Interprofessional Clinical Simulation Lab.“I am blessed to not only be a nurse but to teach the profession which I love.”

Adjunct Faculty

Tammy Pennington
Sherrie D. Phillips
Kathy Wilkinson


Carolyn Powers, Administrative Assistant
Tracie Rinehardt, Director of SHS Admissions
Lindsay Powers, SHS Graduate Admissions Specialist
Traci Harrison, Undergraduate Admissions
Amanda Bishop, Transfer Admissions