For the Birds

From Knoxville to Baltimore, alumni and friends gathered to celebrate and fascinate over all things avian. Brenda Carroll ’71 declared seeing her first red-winged blackbird while at Seven Islands State Birding Park.
Posted December 01, 2022

Illustration of a black bird. Mary Kemper (partner to Bill Naehle ’82) referenced the experience on the C&O Canal National Historic Park in her United Methodist Association (of Health and Welfare Ministries) newsletter stating, “I didn’t just learn more about birds that day…but I also learned more about patience, focus and purpose.” Jeremy Peters ’99 was happy to add great photos to his eBird account. Birders at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden added a native plant discussion to their outing. And while the crew at Hungry Mother State Park experienced cold weather, they had the chance to hang out with the 2021 American Bird Association Young Birder of the Year while listening for kinglets. Watch for more events soon!

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