When History Meets its Future

At a recent event in Tryon, N.C., Emory & Henry saluted alumni of Virginia Intermont who contributed to the success of the VI Equestrian Program, which is now a part of this institution. The event celebrated not only the remarkable successes of the program, both past and present, but also the importance of forming and retaining strong connections among individuals who benefitted from and value liberal arts education.

Posted December 15, 2023 by John W. Wells

John W. Wells, E&H President John W. Wells, E&H President

What binds Emory & Henry to Virginia Intermont is more than a successful riding program; it is the belief that active citizenship and critical thinking are at the foundation of our nation and that the institutions that uphold these values are worthy of preservation and support.

For this reason, Emory & Henry is engaged in a campaign to raise funds for a new equestrian center near the College’s main campus in Emory. This new center would provide high-quality facilities that not only accentuate the immense success of the equestrian program but also help solidify an important piece of Virginia Intermont history and the connections between two proud sources of higher learning.

The Collective Connections Campaign, of which this new center is a part, has raised more than $12.4 million toward a $25 million goal that includes a number of priorities, including the Emory & Henry Fund. The Emory & Henry Fund is the foundation of the College’s philanthropic program. Gifts to it provide my colleagues and me with the flexibility we need to advance a vast array of learning opportunities for students, thereby enhancing an indispensable, broad-based, liberal arts education that employers increasingly value and our democracy has always treasured.

Now, more than ever, our nation demands leaders who approach the world and its challenges the way that so many of our graduates do–with the creativity, discernment and wisdom that comes from a multi-perspective engagement with their education. Those who support today’s mission, which is at the heart of an E&H education, are investing in young people who deserve the chance to prove their potential and their expanding sense of humanity.

Our students, in other words, are an extension of you–alumni and friends of this college who view the world through a lens of compassion and collective purpose and who understand that ongoing support of Emory & Henry is one of the most efficient means by which to thrust positive, transformative energy into a world too often paralyzed by conflict and indifference. Thank you for your support of Emory & Henry. May it continue to bless our students and the world of goodness you know is possible through their enlightened endeavors.

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Dr. John W. Wells
22 nd E&H President

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