Speakers for The Watershed Project: A Remembrance Lyceum

The Watershed Project: A Remembrance

In October, the Appalachian Center for Civic Life and the Watershed Project presented an insightful event, “A Remembrance.” The event, a result of efforts from students, faculty, staff and local citizens, aimed to memorialize individuals who contributed to building the College. It included a groundbreaking video memorial crafted during the 2023 spring semester and a panel discussion. Students meticulously analyzed the College’s original account books, deciphering 19th-century handwriting. President John W. Wells invited the College community to join in this reflective moment and emphasized the importance of acknowledging the past and connecting it to the present for a more unified future. The event offered a comprehensive view of the College’s history, underscoring its ties to the broader societal context of that era.

Posted December 15, 2023