Down Home Radio Hour presents Malcolm Holcombe

by Ivy Sheppard

The Down Home Radio Hour presents an hour of song and story with internationally acclaimed mountain songster, Malcomb Holcombe on Sunday, February 18th at 3pm.

The Down Home Radio Hour presents an hour of song and story with internationally acclaimed mountain songster, Malcomb Holcombe. This special field recording was made in the Swannanoa home of Holcombe by Ed Snodderly and Ivy Sheppard in December of 2023. Tune in for this radio broadcast only show Sunday, February 18th at 3pm. 

Beginning in late 2023, Ivy Sheppard and Ed Snodderly teamed up to bring a monthly live broadcast to the airwaves of WEHC, thus The Down Home Radio Hour was born.  These shows come live* from the stage of the iconic Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee and present some of the great music our region has to offer.  The shows are held the third Sunday of each month with doors opening at 2pm.  Tickets are $20.  The show begins promptly at 3pm.  

*Some shows may be for broadcast only.  Please check before going to the Down Home.  

Down Home Radio Hour poster

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