Fraternity & Sorority Life

Fraternity & Sorority Life offers students opportunities for fellowship, service, and social activities. Most Greek organizations are local, meaning that they are unique to the Emory & Henry campus. The college currently has 15 fraternities and sororities with approximately 20% of students take part as members. 

Emory & Henry Sororities: Alpha Beta Chi (ABX), Delta Omicron Pi (ΔΟΠ), Delta Rho Delta (ΔΡΔ), Kappa Phi Alpha (ΚΦΑ), Pi Sigma Kappa (ΠΣΚ), Sigma Upsilon Nu (ΣϒΝ), and Zeta Phi (ΖΦ).

Emory & Henry Fraternities: Beta Lambda Zeta (ΒΛΖ), C Phi C (CΦC), Dom-I-Necher (DIN), Kappa Sigma (ΚΣ), Pi Delta Chi (ΠΔΧ), Sigma Alpha Kappa (ΣΑΚ) , Sigma Iota (ΣΙ), and Theta Chi Epsilon (ΘΧΕ).

Visit the Greek Life website for more detailed information.