Amy Sorensen

Director of Inclusion and the Director of the Women’s/Gender Center Sociology

Amy Sorensen is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Sociology Department and as the Coordinator of Academic Diversity Initiatives for the college. 

A native of Southwest Virginia, Dr. Sorensen’s areas of specialization include complex inequalities, health/disability, and sociology of the body. Her passion for interdisciplinary scholarship and social justice is evident in her research and her participation in the Women’s and Gender Studies program


Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Institute on Disability and Human Development—University of Illinois at Chicago

PhD, Sociology and Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies—Virginia Tech

MA, Sociology—East Tennessee State University

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies (concentrations in Research Methodology & Sociology)—East Tennessee State University


Some of the courses Dr. Sorensen teaches include:

  • SOCI 101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOCI 102 - Introduction to Inequality
  • SOCI 270 - Race/Ethnicity
  • SOCI 252 - Sociology of Health
  • SOCI 241 - Body & Society
  • SOCI 450 - Senior Seminar
  • SOSS 200 - Introduction to Research Methods
  • SOCI 305 - Policy, Problems, and People


Much of Dr. Sorensen’s research has focused on disablement as a process and working towards a more nuanced theoretical understanding of the body as a social process. She is currently working with Dr. Shelley Koch on a longitudinal, multiple-methods study of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on household labor.

Contact Info

Damer House, Office 101

P.O. Box 947 McGlothlin-Street Hall Emory 24327 United States



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