Jeremy Peters

Class of 1999

Jeremy Peters is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD).

NACD is a nonprofit organization representing America’s 3,000 conservation districts, their state and territory associations, and the 17,000 men and women who serve on their governing boards. These districts work with millions of cooperating landowners and operators to help them manage and protect land and water resources on private and public lands in the United States. NACD’s mission is to promote the wise and responsible use of natural resources for all lands by representing locally-led conservation districts and their associations through grassroots advocacy, education, and partnerships.

In 2017, the Center for Behavioral and Experimental Agri-Environmental Research (CBEAR) presented Jeremy with their CBEAR Prize for Agri-Environmental Innovation. In presenting the Award, CBEAR Outreach Director Mark Masters commented, “Jeremy’s effective leadership of NACD is based, in large part, on his ability to bridge the gaps that often exist between research, policy, and application. The relationships established and opportunities facilitated through Jeremy’s hard work have greatly informed, and improved, CBEAR’s research and outreach efforts.”