6. Systems-Based Practice

Program Outcome 6: Systems-Based Practice

Physician assistant students must demonstrate an awareness of and responsiveness to the societal, organizational, and economic environments encompassing health care. Upon completion of the program, and acting in the capacity as an entry level PA, students will be able to:

A: Demonstrate an understanding of various medical practice and healthcare delivery systems

B: Demonstrate an understanding of health-care payment systems

C: Demonstrate the ability to provide effective, evidence-based, and patient-centered care that balances quality and cost-effectiveness.

D: Demonstrate knowledge and application of public health and preventative care practices

E: Demonstrate knowledge of national and global health care disparities and practices to reduce these disparities


Benchmark: 80% or higher score/satisfactory performance level on end-of-program *summative examination questions pertaining to system-based practice by 80% or greater number of cohort students.

Outcome: Data collected from end-of-program summative examination questions pertaining to system-based practice evidence that 90% of the Class of 2019, **77% of the Class of 2020, **33% of the Class of 2021 scored greater or equal to 80% on the end-of-program summative examination

*For Class of 2022, the summative exam was changed to a different exam where scaled scores are used. Therefore, the goal benchmark was aligned with the scale scores for learner achieving satisfactory performance level. The Summative OSCE assessment was also triangulated with this data and together the data revealed 100% of the Class of 2022 achieved or exceeded the benchmark.

**While these scores are lower than expected by the program, the Class of 2020 improved scores on these same topics on the PANCE to 84% and the Class of 2021 improved scores on the same topics on the PANCE to 75%.