Kaelee Belletto


Extra-curricular activities:  Assistant Area Coordinator; President of the Calliopean Literary Society; member of the Outdoor Adventure Team; Honors Program scholar; member of Calliopean Literary Society; involved in local Greek Life 
Projects: Currently, I am working on research that examines rural health care access and care improvement–particularly for rural U.S. women. Ideally, this project will also develop ways that public health initiatives can provide adequate and accessible care for this population. This is building on former research I have completed about barriers to proper specialty care in the United States.
Plans for after graduation: I would like to apply to a Masters in Public Health program, and continue my aforementioned research.
What do you think is most important about your Sociology courses?Sociology is integral to framing my understanding of the social world. Through the multitude of paradigms that both classic and contemporary theorists have provided, this discipline ultimately has given me the tools to think critically in order to apply and integrate different perspectives on modern social issues, activism, and change. 
What advice do you have for other Sociology majors or students considering Sociology?
Allowing yourself space to change–regardless of if it causes some cognitive dissonance–is a vital part of sociology. Take the time to think critically, and be open to what others have to say. 


Sociology B.A. and Chemistry B.S.


Lake Orion, MI