Matt Kinkead

Freshman Adventure Team member Matt Kinkead loves to be on the water. His weekly kayaking and rafting adventures are preparing him for what he hopes to do after graduation- teach both math and adventure. Here is what Matt thinks about the Adventure Team:


Q: What is your favorite local area for adventure? Why? 

Sugar Hollow is a great place near campus to get away and hike or do a short bike trip to relieve stress. You can even play around of disc golf if you wanted to.

Q: What does your typical week look like as a member of the Adventure Team?

After class, you go study and do homework so you can either go climb, get to the pool clinics, or go on a weekday trip to work on some skills.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the rest of your Adventure Team career? What are your big goals?

I want to become a trip leader for white water trips and be able to do some sweet stuff in the freestyle boats.

Q: What would you say to someone who is worried that adventure sports are too dangerous/scary/challenging for them?

I was in their exact shoes not too long ago. My boating experience didn’t exist outside of flat water kayaking, but once you get comfortable with yourself in the boat or on the rock, all of your worries go out the door, and that’s when you begin to experience what is so great about what we do.

Class of:



Math Education major, Health & Human Performance minor


Church Hill, TN


Emory & Henry College