Shayla Di Tolla

Extra-curriculars: Honors program, Vice President of Sigma Upsilon Nu social sorority, Marketing & Communications office assistant 

Projects: My current project is my honors thesis which is titled, “Performing the Self Online: Social media & the self” I am using Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgical theory to explore the ways in which interaction online– especially social media– is both similar to and different from face-to-face interaction and how online interaction influences our self-formation and identity. 

What you think is most important about your Sociology courses?
My sociology courses have given me a more well-rounded understanding of society and the social forces at work. Sociology has expanded my understanding of the ways we are impacted by social issues and has provided me with the tools to develop my own thesis. Sociology is a field where different majors come together and apply their respective knowledge to a certain issue. Some of the best class discussions I have seen come from Sociology students! These discussions have encouraged me to understand how the intersection of different fields such as economics, politics, environment and media can come together to address social problems. I find it exciting when I learn about a specific issue from different perspectives.

What advice do you have for other students considering Sociology or Sociology majors?
I am definitely biased, but I think that majoring in Sociology was the best decision I made for my academic career at Emory & Henry. As a Sociology major, expect to be one of the students in the classroom who is not only aware of social issues, but can provide another perspective. In the Sociology major, students use their sociological imagination to better understand the world we live in and ultimately create social change. The best advice I can offer is to keep an open mind and make connections with different ideas!

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Sociology/Mass Communications


Madison, CT