Joshua Lee

Class of 2013

Joshua graduated from Emory & Henry in 2013, and finished his Juris Doctor Degree at Charlotte School of Law in 2016. He also studied abroad at the University College at Cork in 2011. Joshua says that E&H helping him study abroad was the best experience he had in college and the biggest educational experience he had throughout his college career. “The professors at E&H, such as Dr. Gaia, were phenomenal in helping me accomplish my dream of living in Ireland and traveling Europe.”

He is currently an Associate Attorney at Emblem Legal, PLLC where he practices family law and juvenile defense. 

He has been working toward this goal since his high school years when he was an intern in the Ward Law Firm in Grundy, Virginia, researching statutes and case law regarding criminal matters. He got his feet wet compiling and organizing legal documentation and evidence for use at trial, and he shadowed an attorney working on misdemeanors and homicide matters.

Later he would do additional intern and extern work at Ingalls Law in Charlotte and the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office.  

In addition to his work for Emblem Legal, he is also a community manager for Startup Grind, an independent start-up community connecting thousands of entrepreneurs. Joshua is also active with the Mecklenburg County Bar and on their juvenile defense list where he regularly defends juveniles accused of committing various crimes. 

Joshua says his days at Emory & Henry were important because he fully believes E&H prepared him for the rigorous experience that was law school. He says that the professors at E&H always went above and beyond to answer any questions he had regarding class or life in general. They helped him make the decision to eventually become the attorney that he is today.

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“I would have to say that E&H helping me to study abroad was the best experience I had in college, and was probably the biggest educational experience I had throughout college.”

– Josh Lee, E&H 2013