Megan Stitzer

Extra-curriculars: Women’s Volleyball, Blue Key National Honor Society, Psi Chi National Honor Society, Blue and Gold Society & Admission Work Study
Projects: I have previously done research studying the Perceptions of Sexual Consent among College Students and the Perceptions of Rape Myths among College Students.

What do you think is most important about your Sociology courses?
The most important thing that sociology has given me is my ability to critically think. Each class has challenged me to think out side of the box and to think above what I thought was possible. It has taught me about the societal issues we face today, educating me on how to handle these issues and taught me to think beyond what is in front of me.

Advice for other students considering Sociology or Sociology majors:
Sociology is such a moldable major that can benefit with any path that you take. It teaches you about the social problems of the world, teaches you how to think through these issues, and gives you the resources to successfully go into the world. Be willing to expand your thinking and in-depth conversation with peers. If you are on the fence about taking a sociology class, do it, take the chance! Sociology is so interesting, fun and you will not regret taking at least a class! 

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Richmond, VA