Complete Payment Arrangements by First Day of Classes

Finalize financial aid and complete payment arrangements by the first day of classes.

  1. All financial aid forms and payments MUST be finalized.
    1. Please complete any remaining items for your financial aid. Contact for any questions regarding anticipated financial aid. 
  2. Complete payment arrangements or enroll in a tuition payment plan by the first day of classes. Statements will not be mailed.
    1. Complete all of your enrollment forms and financial aid steps to ensure you have the most accurate statement as billing takes into consideration many factors such as your acceptance of financial aid, housing, meal plan, etc. 
  3. Student accounts and billing information are available by logging in under
    1. View your statement under the Students Tab which will reflect your current registration, room assignment, meal plan and student fees. Please note the drop-down arrow under the Students tab to access Financial Aid, Student Required Forms and Direct Deposit if needed. 
    2. Students may designate Proxy Access to Parents/Guardians to assist with viewing and paying their account. The student must be the one to set up the payment plan, the proxy access will not allow parents to set up the payment plan.

  4. Payment Plan Options Available: Tuition Payment Plans are available in 5 or 4-month terms with payments starting July 1 or August 1 for fall term plans. Enroll or find out more about a Tuition Payment Plan.