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I teach a variety of courses at Emory & Henry- from Statistics for the Social Sciences to Women & Politics to National & International Security.  I enjoy leading students through debates in political science and international relations while incorporating insights from other disciplines.  I incorporate active learning strategies into my classrooms, and I have experience with diverse groups of students and study abroad.    

Recently, some of my favorite courses have involved working with students on real-world projects that utilize social science research methods.  I’ve worked with students to design and implement survey projects on vaccine hesitancy, teacher pay and classroom funding in Washington County, Virginia, and safety on campus.  

My research focuses on conflict, whether in the world or in the classroom.  My research in political science focuses on foreign policy and decision making in international conflict.  I have also published work on political science pedagogy ranging from teaching research methods to kinesthetic learning in college classrooms.

I am on sabbatical in Spring 2024.  I am working on a project about teaching sensitive topics in higher education.  This project is funded through the Appalachian College Association.   

My full CV is available here.