Theresa Mitten

Class of 2020

Injustice and inequality in the United States of America is common and incredibly problematic. These events occur as the result of a widening socioeconomic gap, due to the capitalist agenda of the American economy. Specifically, I’ve found this discrimination to run rampant in the American healthcare system. The injustice and inequality explored in this show can be relatable for many, even if the sensitive nature is uncomfortable to discuss. Through thought and reflection, create visual representations reflecting on the expression of personal relationships. 

I create works of art that showcase my life experiences, including mistreatment due to the injustices and inequalities of a flawed economic system. My senior art exhibition, Hypermnesia is a culmination of my interactions with struggle. I am advocating for the victims of America’s crusade for abundance. The work I create is appropriated from print and three-dimensional media, that has been recontextualized for an altered perception. Works are united as a using fibrous materials to connect each rendering to my personal experiences with the healthcare industry. The viewer looks in on intimate experiences of my life, gathering sensory information through natural human curiosity. 

My father’s untimely death in 2006 has inspired me to be a maker of art and a catalyst of change. Exploring these emotions and relationships have helped form a stronger foundation for visual renderings of advocacy. Without the connection of people, there is no dialog, and without dialog, facing conflict is impossible and change will never happen. As I look back on my past, my memories manifest themselves to search for truth.


Theresa Mitten is a mixed media artist based in Emory, VA. Born in the Appalachian region of Northeast Pennsylvania, Theresa was inspired to become an artist from hearing stories and creating renderings of her family’s heritage. Theresa’s works explore her memories and the relationships of her ancestors. In creating art, she finds unity with others. Studying under artists Maria Livrone, Charles Goolsby, Manda Remmen, and Dan Van Tassell, Theresa Mitten has established a style that incorporates mixed media and storytelling into collage works.    

Theresa found her inspiration for visual storytelling through learning gallery display and large scale organization techniques at Art on Main based in her hometown of Pittston, PA. Her first group curated show, Faces, furthered her interest in art and museum work, resulting in a desire to learn more about her passions. While interning at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, VA, she created over 500 archive catalog records and helped accession the Bailey Brothers collection. Theresa serves as a Bonner Scholar at Emory & Henry College where she served on the Freedman’s Transcription Bureau leadership team. The Freedman’s Transcription Bureau transcribed historical documents and published their work in Summer 2019. Mitten’s senior exhibition titled, Hypermnesia, opened in Fall of 2019 at Emory & Henry College in the Byars Gallery. In her free time, Theresa enjoys walking with her dog, Buttercup, perusing used bookstores, exploring new genres of music, and drinking cold brew coffee.

I create works of art that showcase my life experiences, including mistreatment due to the injustices and inequalities of a flawed economic system.

—Theresa Mitten