Student Photos, Addresses and Identification

During new student orientation, each student will have a passport-size photo taken. This photo will be used for the purposes of identification and security by fieldwork and academic faculty and administration; that is, these photos will identify individual students to associated/adjunct faculty, fieldwork educators, and guest lecturers.

Students are required to wear an ID key card at all times in the OT program using a clip on badge holder or a plain or Emory & Henry College lanyard. The College will provide the ID key card during orientation. This ID key card will provide access to the building including labs and classrooms. The OT Program will issue a name tag during orientation that must be worn during special events at school, when program requests students to wear, during class or lab with a guest lecturer, during interprofessional activities, during simulation activities, and during any community or clinical/fieldwork experience. If the ID Key card or name badge is lost or if the student has had a name change, the student is responsible for purchasing a replacement.

It is every student’s responsibility to keep his/her address and name current with the Registrar’s Office and the OT Program Office.