Guidelines for the use of Human Subjects for Educational Purposes

For activities conducted in association with the Emory & Henry College (E&H) OT program involving human participants that do not meet the definition of research, the Program will adhere to the guidelines as stated below.

To insure informed consent of human participants/subjects, any demonstrator associated with the Program (including academic faculty or fieldwork educator and students) must explain the nature and purpose of the demonstration or study, the length of time the subject will be used, and the procedures to be used during demonstration. Any persons anticipated to view, observe, or listen to either live demonstration or its recording, or read published material regarding the study must be made known to the subject. Subjects must inform the demonstrator of any known or perceived contraindications or precautions for a treatment procedure or skill.

For E&H OT students, serving as a human subject during laboratory activities is essential for learning and evaluation of learning. Therefore, it is expected that E&H OT students serve as human subjects during Program-related learning activities, and participation may be calculated as part of a course grade (see course syllabi). Faculty will work with students to accommodate any participation limitations due to medical or protected (e.g. religious) reasons.