Laura J. Hainsworth

Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Science Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Dr. Hainsworth teaches in both the Chemistry Department and the Environmental Studies Program.  She is interested in the application of analytical chemistry techniques to environmental problems, and has worked on a wide range of projects including water quality in southwest Virginia, heavy metal adsorption on commercial polymers, blight resistance in American Chestnut trees, and the persistence of mercury contamination in the North Fork Holston River.  

As Director of the Bartlett-Crowe Field Station, Dr. Hainsworth works to facilitate research, education and service opportunities for students, faculty members, and visitors.  


  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD
    Ph.D., Analytical, Nuclear and Environmental Chemistry
  • State University of New York, Potsdam College
    B.A. Chemistry


CHEM 221 - Analytical Chemistry

CHEM 422 - Instrumental Analysis

ESCI 201 - Weather and Climate

ENVS 100 - Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENVS 200 - Environmental Monitoring

ENVS 350 - Environment and Sustainability in Belize

ENVS 450 - Environmental Studies Senior Seminar

ETLA 422 - Citizens in the Nuclear Age


Dr. Hainsworth was awarded a Department of Environmental Quality Citizen’s Monitoring grant to carry out water quality monitoring in the Holston River watershed.  She is also researching a population of blue, burrowing crayfish (Cambarus dubius) located in the wetland at the Bartlett-Crowe Field Station.  Other research interests include a collaboration with the American Chestnut Foundation in an effort to develop a rapid assay for determining resistance to the chestnut blight, the application of carbon-14 as an environmental tracer, the extent and persistence of mercury contamination in the North Fork Holston River, and general water quality issues in southwestern Virginia.

Student Research:

Examples of undergraduate research projects include a survey of microplastic contamination in the Holston River watershed, measuring triclosan concentrations in the Middle Fork Holston River, and a variety of studies involving burrowing crayfish.    

Contact Info

McGlothlin-Street Hall Room 308
Emory, VA 24327



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