Braxton Justice

Why did you choose Emory & Henry College?
For the family atmosphere and small class sizes.
Extracurricular Interests
Bonner, ΒΛΖ, SGA, WEHC, Swimming, Rugby, and Young Democrats
Favorite Class
My favorite class has been the combative politics of Asia. I didn’t know much about Asian politics, and since that class, I have a good working knowledge of the countries within Asia, the way they interact, and how those countries interact with the U.S.
Is there a project you are excited to work on?
I am working at the campus radio station, WEHC 90.7 FM, and will be hosting my own show here soon!
What is one thing you want to do while in college?
I would love to visit all the states.
How do you want to change the world?
Food shortages and poverty are known all too well. I want to help solve that problem right here in Appalachia.

Class of:



Philosophy, Political Science and Economics


Spanishburg, West Virginia


Spanishburg, West Virginia