Christina Druen

One of the biggest ways Emory & Henry has prepared me for my current role is just by giving me such a diverse educational background. I feel like I bring a lot of value to my current role just because I know how to do more than one specific thing. I was hired on as a graphic designer, but I also am able to do much more than that (video shooting & editing, social media, etc.). I also believe that Emory & Henry’s alumni network really allowed me to have opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. I’m just so grateful for the sense of family and support I received while attending Emory & Henry and even now as an alumnus.
Since graduation, I have worked with a couple of students on various things and whenever we have job opportunities, I always make sure to reach out to E&H students. This is definitely something I hope to do more of since it was such a big help to me as a student.

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Nelson County, Va


Nelson County, Va.