Madison Patrick

My name is Madison Patrick, and I am from Saltville, VA. I am an undergraduate at Emory & Henry, and I will be receiving a B.A. in Psychology.

I want to go into Clinical Mental Health Counseling because I have always wanted to help people and have an impact on their lives in a meaningful way. Mental health has a stigma around it that I want to break, and entering this program will help me be able to do that.

I chose the Emory & Henry graduate program because E&H has changed my life for the better, and I will forever be thankful for my undergraduate experience. Emory & Henry has provided me with a well-rounded, amazing education, and I know for certain that the E&H MS-CMHC program will provide me with a high-quality education to prepare me for my future career.


Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Saltville, Va


Saltville, Va