Danielle Morel

Associate Professor of Physics and Director of the Engineering Science Program Department of Physics and Engineering

Dr. Morel obtained her Masters of Science and Ph.D. in Physics from Florida State University. She studied the interactions of quarks that compose the protons and neutrons, together known as hadrons, and that give nuclei their characteristics. Following graduation, she completed two post-doctoral appointments: one at University of Adelaide, in Adelaide Australia where she continued her work in hadronic physics; the other at the University of Virginia where she worked on computational models of neurons to study how they process information. She has since been teaching physics and astronomy.

Prior to her graduate studies, Dr. Morel spent several years working for a consulting firm specializing in electrical & mechanical engineering applications to commercial buildings. She also worked as a commercial pilot and flight instructor.


Ph.D. Physics (2002), Florida State University

Field: Theoretical Computational Hadronic Physics

Thesis Title: Effects of baryon-meson intermediate states on baryon masses

M.S. Physics, Florida State University

B.A. Economics, University of North Florida


General Physics I and II (calculus-based)

College Physics I and II (algebra-based)

Introductory Astronomy

Conceptual Physics

Analytical Mechanics


Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences


  • Strong interactions physics - investigations of the forces binding the nucleons inside the nucleus of atoms
  • Computational neuroscience - modeling information processing and communication in individual neurons via computer models
  • Variable star research - observation and analysis of variable stars using a variety of techniques


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